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    How to be the person you wish to be...Read All About It...

    In this unit you will explore many activities to help you better understand yourself so you can develop your personal goals and possible future career goals.

    Your final project will be a Vision Map, which we will learn more about later in this unit.

    This unit will be almost entirely on-line. But don't worry - the teacher will help you every step of the way.

    Be sure to do each topic in the order you see them here.

    Only work one section at a time - completing everything before you move on to the next section. How does that sound?

    Good Luck and Have Fun! smile

  • Topic 1

    STEP 1: First Things First

    We need to understand a few words so we can 'talk the talk'. As you watch the PREZI - please take notes using this PENZU link (whenever you see this color - it is linked for you to the web or an activity-click on it! smile) Or another way to keep notes is to use your student portal and open a Word Document and save it as: Personality/Goal Setting Notes.

    If you choose to use PENZU - you must do a quick registration and use your email address.

    Remember to keep track of your log-in information because you will be using it almost every day.

  • Topic 2

    STEP 2:
    Opportunity Is Now Here! Opportunity Is Nowhere!

    Which do you see?

    How you decide to look at things impacts what you can accomplish.

    A positive outlook helps you to MAKE IT HAPPEN! Understanding your needs and wants will help you set goals so that you can reach your dreams. Goal Setting (click) will get you where you want to GO! If you prefer to have this article read to you click on the first 'assignment' below.


  • Topic 3

    STEP 3: Multiple Intelligences 'Quiz'

    (It's not how smart you are, it is HOW you are smart!)

    Howard Gardener, a psychologist, and professor of neuroscience from Harvard University developed a quiz which helps people understand more about themselves.

    His theory is that we all possess at least
    9 intelligences but some are stronger than others. These intelligences are how we best like to learn. He has also linked them to potential careers that might be suitable for you to aspire to someday.

  • Topic 4

    STEP 4: Personality 'Quiz'

    In this section you will find out even more about yourself by taking the 'Personality Quiz'.

    Remember to record information about your results on your Personality & Goal Setting note sheet (student portal or in your PENZU journal). Be sure to explore the web site to find out more about yourself and the meanings of these results.

  • Topic 5

    STEP 5: S.M.A.R.T Goals



    It is time to get down to the business of setting your goals. With all that you have learned about your personality traits, needs, wants, values, character traits and Multiple Intelligences strengths - you are ready to set some goals:
    • Personal
    • School or Education
    • Community
    • Global
    Unlock Your Potential! smile

  • Topic 6

    STEP 6: Developing Your Vision Vision Map Map

    In this section you will be putting everything you have learned in this unit to good use. It is time to develop your Vision Map.

    You will be displaying and presenting the following information using EDU-Gogster (an on-line interactive poster building web site).

    Your Vision Map should display the following:

    1. Values
    2. Character Traits
    3. Personality Traits
    4. Multiple Intelligence Strength(s) (Howard Gardner 'Quiz')
    5. Potential Careers
    6. Personality Profile (Meyer Briggs 'Quiz')
    7. S.M.A.R.T Goals (Personal, School/Education, Community & Global)

  • Topic 7

    Family Consumer Science National Standards

    FACS National Standards as related to this unit.

    The National FACS Standards are here.

    • Topic 8

      NET-S National Standards

      Check this link to see the National Standards (NET-S) as they relate to this FACS unit.

      See all the National Standards (NETS-S).

      • Topic 9

        Creative Commons License

        Creative Commons License

        Personality Development & Goal Setting by Mary Draper & Lynda Mead is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
        • Topic 10

          Teacher Resources

          Here you will find the teacher resources.